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Roadtrip from San Francisco to Phoenix 2016

Going to America had always been a dream of mine to come true and in fall 2016 it finally did. The main reason I could finally do it was the mandatory language stay in an English speaking country that goes along with the school I'm currently attending. I had the choice between a lot of interesting cities in America and it was really hard to pick one but somehow I managed to do it. I picked San Francisco and there were quite a few reasons why I had chosen this town. One of them was that San Francisco offers a variety of beautiful sights such as the Golden Gate Bride, The Painted Ladies, The unique Cable Cars, Twin Peaks and so on. These are just a few ones that I had visited during my stay in San Francisco.
You will find even more sights in the gallery below. Another reason why I picked San Francisco was that there are a lot of different parks where I could spend my spare time, so I thought. In the end I didn't spend as much time in any of these parks as I thought I would. I had met some great friends and spent pretty much all time exploring the city with them. The third reason was that my brother did his language stay in San Francisco as well. I think that's when I started to fall in love with the city because my brother showed me pictures after he had returned home. The fourth and last reason was that it's also a very open minded city with a diversity of different cultures and lifestyles. My home was located in Daly City a town that was 90 minutes away of the school with public transportation.
After my language stay was finished I still had two more weeks of summer break. Of course I also had plan for these two weeks. Together with my sister, her boyfriend and a friend of mine we rented a car and went for a roadtrip. This was probably one of the best times in my life. We drove through breathtaking national parks and landscapes. As my school was located in San Francisco that's also the city where the roadtrip started for me and my friend. First of all we explored Sequoia national park with the impressive redwood trees. We have never seen something quite like this before. Next we headed to Yosemite national park. It was just as impressive and stunning as the Sequoia national park. After that we continued to the next destination on our list which was Los Angeles. We explored the city with one of these open air buses that offer tours in all bigger cities. Last but not least we visited the Universal Studios where we learned a few tricks about movie making. The next day we drove to Las Vegas. To do so we had to cross the Death Valley. The thermometer reached up to 116°F. We drove through it without any stop since this was way too hot for us. When we reached Las Vegas our bodies couldn't cope with the local heat so we staied the entire first day in the hotel. The second day we moved to a different hotel, the Bellagio. They were underbooked and offered us an undeniable room upgrade for just a few dollars. It was indeed a gift. Instead of two regular rooms we've got a big luxurious suit. It was a great experience to live one night as a 'king', so to say. One attraction we visited in Las Vegas was the Stratosphere Tower. It had a platform on the top from where you had a beautiful view over the whole city. The next day we continued to the last landmark on our list which was the Grand Canyon. Where we were surprised by an exceptional landscape for one more last time. From there we drove to Phoenix returned our car and flew back to Switzerland.

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge I San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge II San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge III San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge IV San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge V San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge VI San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge VII San Francisco - Pier 39 San Francisco - The view from Coit Tower I San Francisco - The view from Coit Tower II San Francisco - The view from Coit Tower III San Francisco - Painted Ladies San Francisco - Chinatown San Francisco - Ocean Beach I San Francisco - Ocean Beach II San Francisco - Ocean Beach III San Francisco - Twin Peaks I San Francisco - Twin Peaks II San Francisco - Twin Peaks III San Francisco - Twin Peaks IV San Francisco - Twin Peaks V San Francisco - Twin Peaks VI San Francisco - Twin Peaks at night San Francisco San Francisco - Saints Peter and Paul Church San Francisco - Golden Gate Park Pacifica I Pacifica II Gray Whale Cove State Beach I Gray Whale Cove State Beach II Golden Gate Bridge I Golden Gate Bridge II Golden Gate Bridge III San Francisco - Alcatraz I San Francisco - Alcatraz II San Francisco - Alcatraz III San Francisco - Alcatraz IV San Francisco - Alcatraz V San Francisco - Alcatraz VI San Francisco - Alcatraz VII San Francisco - Townhall San Francisco - Trans America Pyramid San Francisco - School Bus San Francisco - Cable Car I San Francisco - Cable Car II San Francisco - Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco - Palace of Fine Arts Daly City - Lake Merced Daly City - Lake Merced San Francisco - Castro District I San Francisco - Castro District II San Francisco - Castro District III San Francisco - Castro District IV San Francisco - Mission District Streetart I San Francisco - Mission District Streetart II San Francisco - Mission District Streetart III San Francisco Yosemite National Park I Yosemite National Park II LA I LA II LA - Universal Studios LA - Universal Studios Hogwarts I LA - Universal Studios Hogwarts II LA - Universal Studios Hogwarts III LA - Universal Studios Shrek 4D Death Valley IV Death Valley I Death Valley II Death Valley III Las Vegas I Las Vegas II Las Vegas III Las Vegas IV Las Vegas - Hotel Bellagio Las Vegas - Paris Las Vegas Las Vegas V Las Vegas - Stratosphere Tower Grand Canyon I Grand Canyon II Grand Canyon III Grand Canyon IV Grand Canyon V