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Central & Northern Europe

Switzerland is an absolutely beautiful country with a breathtaking landscape. If you actually want to see how beautiful the landscape in Switzerland is you have to go outside, get hiking, climb one of the many mountains. Calling it climbing is actually an exaggeration. You will find a very good maintained path to most of the peaks, which makes exploring even way more easy. Just follow the yellow signposts or the white, red, white mark which tags a trail of medium difficulty. I highly recommend you comfortable tramping boots anyway Sometimes the ways can be slightly slippery especially the first few days after it rained. Also make sure to take enough water with you. Drinking is very important during such a sportive activity and depending on where you are going there are no restaurants on the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top be sure to take time to fully perceive the sheer infinite view. You can find some impressions of what it can look like in the gallery below.