This article is about my month-long road trip from Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park (the northernmost stop on the trip) and back to Los Angeles in 2022. On the trip I traveled with two good former school friends of mine. During this memorable trip, we visited a little over ten national parks together, all of which were absolutely fascinating. The program was tight but it was all very worthwhile and I would do it again exactly the same way.

    In 2017 I was able to visit the US again for the second time in my life. A few years prior to this trip, I met an American through acquaintances. We got along well and the contact continued. So it happened that I went to visit him in his home state of North Carolina in 2017. I visited him for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. It was an unforgettable experience to spend this special season overseas and celebrate a real American Christmas.
    Going to America had always been a dream of mine to come true and in fall 2016 it finally did. The main reason I could finally do it was the mandatory language stay in an English speaking country that went along with the school I was attending at that time. I had the choice between a lot of interesting cities in America and it was really hard to pick one but somehow I managed to do it. There were quite a few reasons why I had chosen San Francisco. One of them was that San Francisco offers a variety of beautiful sights such as the Golden Gate Bride, The Painted Ladies, the unique Cable Cars, Twin Peaks and so on... These are just a few ones that I had visited during my stay in San Francisco.