Central & Northern Europe

    • Croatia


      Croatia is located just a little east of central Europe, depending on how you define it. Among other things, the country is known for the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park. It also includes several islands in the Adriatic Sea and a long coastline on the mainland. A trip in 2017 allowed me to explore a part of Croatia a little closer.

      • Denmark


        Denmark is located in the northern part of Europe and connects Germany with Sweden via the Öresund Bridge. Denmark is much smaller than for instance Germany or Sweden. Nevertheless, it has many sights to offer. Some of them I have explored in a trip in 2013.

        • Liechtenstein


          Liechtenstein is a small state in Central Europe, bordering Switzerland and Austria. In my childhood I spent many summer vacations in a small place called Silum in Liechtenstein. From there we went on many different hikes. Even today I am drawn back to the mountains of Liechtenstein for a hike or short stroll every now and then.

          • Sweden


            Sweden is a beautiful country in northern Europe, which I associate with childhood memories. This is probably mainly due to Astrid Lindgren's films like Pippi Longstocking or Michel from Lönneberga. It also has a lot to offer in terms of scenery, such as the island of Gotland, which I explored in 2015.

            • Switzerland


              Switzerland is an absolutely beautiful country with a breathtaking landscape. If you actually want to see how beautiful the landscape in Switzerland is you have to go outside, get hiking, climb one of the many mountains. Calling it climbing is actually an exaggeration. You will find a very good maintained path to most of the peaks, which makes exploring even way more easy. Just follow the yellow signposts or the white, red, white mark which tags a trail of medium difficulty. Once you reach the top be sure to take time to fully take in the view over the various valleys and other peaks around you.