Gotland 2015

    In 2015, I traveled to Gotland, Sweden with my parents and my sister. Acquaintances of my parents have Swedish roots and still family living there. They have a vacation home, which they rent to guests. So it happened that we could rent the cottage for a couple of weeks for ourselves in the summer of 2015. We drove the whole way with our car, the last part we put back during an approximately three-hour trip by ferry. The island is not quite as touristy as other places in Sweden, so it comes that mainly Swedes vacation on the island, which was a nice change from other places, which are swarming with tourists. We explored various places on the island. We were even able to visit the Villa Villekulla from the famous Pippi Longstocking films by Astrid Lindgren. I have summarized the best snapshots in a gallery below.