Western & Southern Europe

    • England


      England is part of the British Isles and the United Kingdom. Enlgands capital London I have already visited twice. It was worth it again the second time. In addition to various sights, the internationally influenced city also has something to offer culinary.

      • France


        France is located in Western Europe and can be easily reached from Switzerland by TGV train, which runs from Zurich to Paris to the Gare de Lyon station. The capital Paris is known for many sights, some of which I already had the opportunity to explore. The landmark of the country and the city of Paris would probably be the Eiffel Tower.

        • Ireland


          Ireland is an island country in Western Europe surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. On the northern part of the island is Northern Ireland, which unlike the rest of the island is part of the United Kingdom. A famous landmark of Ireland are the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast.

          • Spain


            The Kingdom of Spain is located in the southwest of Europe. It also includes the Canary Islands, which are a popular vacation destination in Europe due to the year-round mild climate. Furthermore, the Balearic Islands and two exclaves in North Africa also belong to Spain. Unfortunately, I have not yet made it to the mainland, but several times to the Canary Islands.